The History of Books

In the old days, people did not have printed books because the paper had not yet been invented. When they needed to pass a message through writing, they would write on animal skin or stone tablets, which were heavy, bulky and difficult to look after. In India and Egypt, people would write on dry palm leaves or other materials which could absorb ink and let the text be visible.


However, they would always be in constant search for new materials to write on. Since the stem of a plant is bulbous and it can retain ink, it was used as a pen. The only problem with these early writing materials was that moths and other insects would get to them and damage them. In ancient China, the Chinese used silk. This was a bit better because writing on silk would not be destroyed as easily as the other writing materials.


In the 2nd century, the Chinese invented paper and for this, we will forever be in their debt. From that time onwards, both paper and ink quality developed. The Germans later came up the printing press, which was a big boost to the literary world and a boon to writers. Writers were able to print multiple pages, and because of this, the world saw an increase in the production of books and other written materials.


When publishing of books began, they became available in libraries, bookstores and newspaper stands. In the early days of the 17th century, authors were not treated well. This resulted in very few being able to publish books for a living. They would not have enough sales to make a living out of it. As the number of authors grew, women too became interested in the writing and publishing industry in the 19th century. As a result, the number of books available increased. This led to an increase of not only mystery and romance books, but also social and political books. These books acted as a guiding milestone for the people in the working class.


Books have played a significant role in the life we live today, by encouraging people to move ahead and create new paths. In fact, history also mentions that the oldest book to have been written is the Bible. Other religious and literature books came out after that. The introduction of books has been a great blessing because they can be used to uplift, empower, encourage, comfort, and counsel. As of today, you can find books online with the click of a mouse. By surfing the internet, you can read excellent writings of old literature and new works of art and talent. The internet has made it easy for people to read and develop an interest in writing and publishing of books.  Read our next article on science music for kids in our next article.